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Room At The Top |  Part 3 :: Let There Be Light!
  Well, if you’ve been following this series you’ll have an idea about the structure and safe access to your new loft... Read More
No-one said it was going to be easy…
According to a survey featured in the Financial Times on 21st January 2021 – “Red tape delays goods for more than hal... Read More
Room At The Top | Part 2 :: Stairway to Heaven
So far in our Room At The Top guide, we’ve taken you through ways to assess the feasibility of using your loft as par... Read More
Room At The Top | Part 1 :: Check Out That Roof!
To be able to make good use of your loft, you need to have a reasonable amount of available floor space and headroom.... Read More
Room At The Top  :: Our Guide
Have you noticed how we’re being bombarded at the moment with TV programmes, glossy magazines and social media messag... Read More

Toolbox Tips

When it comes to installation, these kit stairs really come into their own.  The manufacturers have invested conside... Read More