No-one said it was going to be easy…

According to a survey featured in the Financial Times on 21st January 2021 –

“Red tape delays goods for more than half UK companies trading with EU”

The survey of Supply Chain Managers revealed that “the delays have been prompted by a combination of bureaucratic requirements now that the UK has left the EU and extra protocols to deal with Covid-19.”  Well, sadly for TheStaircasePeople Team – and for you – there is little that we can do to ease the current situation and get our import process back to its smooth, and speedy, pre-Brexit state.

The result of the perfect storm of new import processes and documentation combined with the additional health and safety requirements of an unprecedented global pandemic, has been to take the usual delivery timescales for our Italian staircases from an acceptable average of 10 days to a frustrating average of 4 weeks. But there is plenty of reassurance out there that things will improve as the new processes bed in, vaccinations against Covid-19 become more widespread and the post-Brexit world finds its feet.  We will keep our eagle eye on this vital aspect of our service to you and the timescales on our website will be updated as soon as there is any change.