Let’s dispel those myths for you!

Even a quick Google search will show that there is a myriad of reactions from people when they think about spiral staircases, from total drooling adoration to concerns about children tripping up - or falling down! However, if you read many of the responses on the various blog posts you'll probably end up completely confused at best and downright scared at worst! Let's help to clear up the concerns for you.  
Klan Spiral Kit from TheStaircasePeople.co.ukMyth Number 1 Spiral staircases are too steep for children to use safely? In a word "no", so long as the staircase has complied with the UK Building Regulations - and this applies to all staircases, not just spirals. For a spiral staircase, the key measurement is the distance between each tread - called the tread rise, and this should be between 150mm and 220mm for a staircase in a home. In practice, most stairs have a tread rise between 190mm and 220mm, which is a comfortable tread rise for most people and children. Many of the staircases on our website are manufactured in...
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Clear as mud?

Building Regulations Overload
We are often asked to explain the differences between the types of staircases (spiral, spacesaver, linear or winder stairs) and how the UK Building Regulations are involved. Questions like "can I use a spiral as my main staircase?" or "will a spacesaver staircase be ok to go up to my loft bedrooms?" feature strongly in the list - and these questions are asked by DIYers, builders AND architects. At one time, you could rely on the knowledge from your local Building Control Officers but nowadays they need to have an overview of an unprecedented amount of technical information and regulation details, which are constantly being updated and many have lost or never been able to acquire the specific details of one small section of one of the many Building Regulations. So, we are always happy to strip it all down to the basics for you. Grab yourself a coffee and read on...
  1. Space Saver Staircases - can be used to access a single habitable room (plus an ensuite as long as it isn't the ...
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Spring has Sprung!

Eureka Indoor Outdoor Spiral Staircase in White2
I know it doesn't yet feel like it, but (whoopee do) we are now in... Spring! So it's a good time to start thinking about your garden and how you might want to use it when the warmer weather arrives. Perhaps you could add a spiral staircase to reach a balcony or maybe convert a flat roof into a beautiful roof terrace where you can drift down a stunning exterior spiral stair. Look at the outdoor staircases on TheStaircasePeople.co.uk for inspiration.
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