Installation Instructions

Installation General Guidance

We always stress the importance of carefully reading the Installation Instructions before you begin your installation. If you have also seen the  Installation Video, this is a great tool to help you to understand the general approach to the installation and to give you some visual guidance, but the videos are cut-down versions of the installation event and distilling a 1 or 2 day project into a 25 minute video will mean that not every detail or repetition will be shown. So, please read – and follow – the installation instructions. All of the staircases in our range have been skilfully designed not just from an aesthetic viewpoint but with careful consideration to their ease of installation and we do not recommend taking any short cuts with their installation. Any attempt to follow an “I’m sure I know a better/quicker/simpler/easier way to do this”, and you’re on the rocky road to Bodge City. Resist it!

Installation Instructions to Download

Click on the links below to open or download a pdf version of the Installation Instructions which are supplied with the staircase.  If you need any further information or advice, just give us a call.

Vector Milano C20 Plus Stilo Milano C20
Verve F20