1500mm Verve F20 Steel Spiral Staircase


The Verve F20 is a sleek, sophisticated spiral staircase with a typical Italian eye for detail on its design, components and ease of installation. The treads are formed with folded steel plate and the handrail is one single piece colour matched to the staircase, highlighting the elegance of the stair.

Available in six diameters – 1100mm, 1200mm, 1300mm 1400mm, 1500mm and 1600mm to suit your project. PLEASE NOTE THIS PAGE IS FOR THE 1500mm DIAMETER. You will find separate product pages for the other diameters.

There are four colour choices for the powder coated steel – White, Light Grey, Black and Dark Grey. Matching accessories: balustrading for the stairwell opening and riserbars for between the open treads.

Please select the number of treads and your colour choices from the drop down boxes below. (You can double-check the number of treads to order in the tab below labelled “How Many Treads Do I Need?”)

And all of this is delivered to your door in carefully manufactured components ready for straight forward installation by any competent DIYer or tradesperson. (Installation instructions are included!)



Verve F20 Steel Spiral Staircase Description

Manufacturer :: D’Opera, Italy
Model Name :: Verve F20 Made To Order
Format :: Spiral – Kit Format
Diameters :: 1100mm, 1200mm, 1300mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm
Rotation :: Clockwise or AntiClockwise (you decide at installation)
Tread Type :: Folded steel plate
Steel Colour Options :: Powder coated steel finish – White, Light Grey, Black, Dark Grey
Number of Treads :: 10-16 including triangular landing tread (depending on the order)
Number of Risers :: 10-16 including triangular landing tread (depending on the order)
Balustrade Type :: Powder coated steel round baluster spindles 20mm diameter
Handrail Type :: 42mm diameter plastic, colour matched to staircase
Installation Video :: No
Warranty Period :: Two Years.
Installation Instructions :: Yes (see our Knowledge Centre pages)

important-button-icon-thN.B. This staircase is carefully designed and manufactured in Italy and is a certified product CE European Technical Approval – ETA. However, European staircase regulations differ from those in the UK, in particular about the maximum tread rise. You will find details of the UK Building Regulations (Part K) in our Knowledge Centre Page. Please give us a call if you would like further advice.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure that any Local Authority approvals necessary have been obtained. This will vary according to your application and we advise you to always check before going ahead with a purchase.

The delivery takes approx 4-5 weeks (and delivery to UK mainland and customs processing costs are included).

Steel Colours (and the plastic handrail is colour matched to these)
Light Grey
Dark Grey

(Click colour options for larger image)

Additional information

Steel Colour

White, Light Grey, Black, Dark Grey



Staircase Model

Verve F20

Floor to floor height

210-220cm 10 treads, 231-242cm 11 treads, 252-264cm 12 treads, 273-286cm 13 treads, 294-308cm 14 treads, 315-330cm 15 treads, 336-352cm 16 treads

Installation Instructions

pdf-iconInstallation Instructions Download here


Landing Installation options:

Circular Opening

Mezzanine Opening

Square Opening

Tread Geometry
Landing Tread Dimensions:
Landing Tread Fixing
Verve F20 1500mm Tread Geometry

pdf-iconVerve F20 1500mm Landing Tread Dimensions

Tread Layout Diagrams
Showing Clockwise and Anti-clockwise Ascent

10 treads/risers

11 treads/risers

12 treads/risers 

13 treads/risers

14 treads/risers

15 treads/risers

16 treads/risers


How many treads do I need?

How to calculate the number of treads

For your finished floor to floor height in mm:

UK Regulations EU Regulations Number of Treads
2100-2200mm 2100-2300mm 10 treads/risers
2310-2420mm 2310-2530mm 11 treads/risers
2520-2640mm 2520-2760mm 12 treads/risers
2730-2860mm 2730-2990mm 13 treads/risers
2940-3080mm 2940-3220mm 14 treads/risers
3150-3300mm 3150-3450mm 15 treads/risers
3360-3520mm 3360-3680mm 16 treads/risers

This table shows the individual tread rise range which can be installed for this staircase, from the minimum (210mm) to the maximum (230mm).

This staircase is carefully designed and manufactured in Italy and is a certified product CE European Technical Approval – ETA. However, European staircase regulations differ from those in the UK, in particular about the maximum tread rise. Please note that UK regulations require a maximum tread rise of 220mm and the table above will show how many treads you would need for the UK or EU.

Just to explain how the individual tread rise is adjusted, each tread rise section comprises the centre column and tread with a rigid plastic shim (C20-295) set into each end of the column. This results in a tread rise of 210mm. To increase the tread rise, additional shims are added at either end of the column, which will increase the tread rise by 5mm for each one, as shown in the following diagrams.


If you’re unsure about how this works for your project, or have any questions, please give us a call.