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These customer reviews definitely warm the old cockles! We love to have feedback from customers and always look at this as an opportunity to know where we can improve our service or to reassure when we're getting it right! Recent reviews:
1) "Very impressed by the quality and customer support. Thank you"
And thank you Mr. P.O.!  
2) "Just letting you know that Andy has installed the staircase and it looks fantastic, thanks for all your help and advice on helping me purchasing it, I will definitely recommend both your company and Andy to anyone who is in considering a spiral staircase."
Thank you from the team here, Mr. T.! Your Genius T030 spiral staircase really does look great. It must be one of Cleveland's finest!
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How about underfloor heating?

We're planning on having underfloor heating/floating floor. How should we deal with this?

You will probably already have realised that you can't install the staircase directly over the top of underfloor heating and will need to leave the heating pipes/elements clear of the staircase area. Apart from the base fixing plate, many of the staircases also require a fixing point for the leading baluster spindle on the first tread, or for the support post below the linear/open staircases. Try to decide on the position of the staircase well before the heating is installed to make sure that you leave this area clear of pipework so that the fixing point is ready for the staircase fixings.
Our Top Tip:
If you have a floating floor, it would be best to build a concrete pad to support the fixing point for the base plate of the staircase.
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What tools will I need?

What tools will I need?

You'll find a list of all the tools needed in the Installation Instructions for your staircase. It's a fairly simple list: drill and bits (sizes are given), soft mallet, tape measure, spirit level, screwdriver, spanners, allen keys, hacksaw, plumb line.  
[Click on the image to open up a full size typical example page.]    
Our Two Top Tips:
  1. Use a magnetic spirit level. You'll see just how useful it is when you watch the Installation Video!
  2. If you're installing one of our modular staircases, it will help if you prepare some pieces of timber to use as supports if you don't have the adjustable props used in the Installation Videos.

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