Sad Farewell to Fontanot

Fontanot flood disaster

We have happily had a very close working relationship with the leading Italian staircase manufacturer, Fontanot for many years and have a huge number of delighted customers with one of their stylish staircases in their home. We had not foreseen ever losing that business partnership.

However, in the Spring of 2023, the area around Rimini in Italy suffered from catastrophic floods, smashing through established flood protection barriers and cascading down through the river valley. Unfortunately, right in the way was the large, high-tech, manufacturing plant of Fontanot and in this battle of the giants, the raging torrent came out victorious, ending 50 years of a highly successful, global company.

We had hoped that Fontanot would be able to recover in some way but the catastrophic damage was beyond repair and they were forced to cease manufacturing. It was a very sad time for the company and the lovely people working there who had always been so helpful, welcoming and supportiv...

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