Motion Spiral Staircase Kit


The Motion Spiral Staircase features powder coated vertical spindles and a grey PVC handrail. Available in three diameters (1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm), the Motion Spiral Stair will suit most projects. You have a choice of three powder coated steel colours – Black, White and Grey, for all the steel work and the treads have neat grey non-slip tread mats for a cool urban look.  Also, an added bonus is that the staircase balustrading on each size of Motion Spiral Staircase complies with the 100mm gap rule for UK Building Regulations and, of course, the Riserbar Accessory set will ensure that the open treads comply too.

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Motion Spiral Staircase Kit Description

Manufacturer :: Ehleva, Italy
Model Name :: Motion Spiral Staircase Made To Order
Format :: Spiral
Rotation :: Clockwise or AntiClockwise
Number of Treads :: 13 in the kit
Number of Risers :: 13 in the kit
Tread Type :: Powder coated steel with grey non-slip tread mats
Balustrade Type :: Vertical Powder Coated Steel Spindles
Handrail Type :: Easy-fit PVC in Grey
Installation Video :: Yes – in the Knowledge Centre of this website
Warranty Period :: Two Years

Standard Kit suits finished floor to floor heights from 2100mm to 2860mm (to UK Building Regulations) – some additional components may be required [see below]
Standard Kit suits finished floor to floor heights from 2100mm to 3060mm (to manufacturer’s specification) – some additional components may be required [see below]

important-button-icon-thN.B. The Standard Kit will fit a finished floor to floor height of 2740mm to 2860mm (to UK Building Regulations) without needing any additional components. Lower or higher floor to floor heights may require additional components. Check on the Motion Components Sheet to make sure that you’ve got everything you need for your project. If in doubt, give us a call and we’d be happy to help.


The delivery takes approx 4-5 weeks (and delivery to UK mainland is included).

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure that any Local Authority approvals necessary have been obtained. This will vary according to your application and we advise you to always check before going ahead with a purchase.

Steel Colours  block10
White 90RG
Grey 97RG
Black 95RG

Fixing design details are in Grey for all staircase colour options.

Matching stairwell balustrading (F13 type) is available for the Motion Spiral Staircase kit. You’ll find more details on the Motion Accessories pages, together with other accessories such as additional treads, riser bar kits etc.


Additional information


1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm

Steel Colour

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Installation Video & Instructions

pdf-iconDownload the Motion Spiral Stair Kit Instructions HERE.


The Motion Spiral Stair can be installed with a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. You decide when you install it! This diagram shows the position of the landing and first treads on the standard kit with 13 treads.


Motion Stairwell Openings – Click for larger image.

Whether you choose a round or square opening for your spiral staircase, the opening should be at least 100mm larger than the diameter of the stair, so that your hand can use the handrail safely as you pass through the ceiling opening.






You’ll find further details on the Accessories pages.








Online Brochure

Browse through the Ehleva brochure to find more details of the Motion Spiral Staircase kit.