Clip Spiral Staircase

Wow! Look at this for a great little spiral staircase – perfect for an urban setting. With a colour-matched handrail, the Clip stands apart from all the other spiral stairs. Available as a 120cm diameter, with 11 risers as standard (that’s 10 treads + 1 landing tread) and in five zesty colours, the Clip is perfect for accessing loft rooms or mezzanine platforms. The standard Clip spiral staircase will suit a floor to floor height range of up to 2420mm (to UK Building Regulations maximum tread rise) and you can add up to 3 additional treads to reach a floor to floor height of 2810mm.

The treads are pressed from sheet steel and feature an integrated vice type assembly system that ensures easier installation, thanks to the sleeve that is fastened directly to the pole not requiring any spacers like the traditional spiral staircase kits. Matching stairwell balustrading and riserbars are available as accessories.

The delivery timescales for the Clip Spiral Staircase is 3-4 weeks from confirmation of order.

The Clip Spiral Staircase is from our Made to Order Range which combines the carefully designed easy installation process with a staircase created exactly for your project. For further details, and an accurate quotation for your project, please give us a call or use the Contact Us form.


Clip Spiral Staircase Description

Manufacturer :: Fontanot, Italy
Model Name :: Clip Spiral Staircase

Category:: Made to Order Staircase
Format :: Spiral
Rotation :: Clockwise or AntiClockwise – can be decided on installation
Number of Treads :: 11 (includes triangular landing tread) – Up to a maximum of 14
Number of Risers :: 11
Tread Type :: Dry Painted Pressed Steel
Balustrade Type :: Dry Painted Steel round baluster spindles
Handrail Type :: Colour-matched PVC
Installation DVD :: Yes
Warranty Period :: Two Years. Plus 1 additional year if the purchase is registered with the manufacturer
Data Sheet :: Click HERE to download the Clip Spiral Stair DATASHEET

The delivery takes approx 3-4 weeks from confirmation of order (and is FREE delivery to UK mainland).


PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure that any Local Authority approvals necessary have been obtained. This will vary according to your application and we advise you to always check before going ahead with a purchase.



Colour Options:

clip-bianco clip-viola clip-verde clip-blu clip-arancione
  White 9010     Violet 4005      Green 6033      Blue 5023       Orange 2000 

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Click on the image for a larger size to help you to work out where your starting tread (Tread No.1) will be for your project. If you would like further information or advice, please give us a call.

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