Urban Exterior Modular Staircase

At last, a stylish galvanised modular staircase to use outdoors! There are two different designs of balustrading on the Urban – FX Design which features a single vertical post on each tread supporting 7 rows of stainless steel cabling, and the C Design which uses simple vertical galvanised spindles as balustrading on the staircase. The Mobirolo Urban Exterior Staircase is not just a straight staircase but there are 9 options for different configurations with quarter turns, half turns and more, making this staircase very adaptable and a great feature on the outside of your home.

The Mobirolo Urban is also available in two different widths – 800mm and 900mm and, although the treads are already drilled for drainage and safety, there are also the options of non-slip adhesive strips for extra security.

Because the Mobirolo Urban is made to order, we can suggest that a guide price for a straight flight with 11 treads/12 risers is in the region of £3500 including VAT and delivery to UK mainland, but we are very happy to look at your particular project and provide you with a complete and accurate quotation.  Please get in touch for further details, either ring us on 01380 723533 or use the Contact Form.


Product Description


Manufacturer :: Mobirolo, Italy
Model Name :: Urban Galvanised Exterior Staircase
Format :: Linear  |  Straight  |  Winder  |  9 different configuration options
Width :: 800mm | 900mm
Rotation :: Clockwise or AntiClockwise
Number of Treads :: 11 in the standard package
Number of Risers :: 12 in the standard package
Tread Type :: Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel with drainage holes
Balustrade Type 1 :: FX Design – Galvanised Steel round baluster spindles supporting 7 rows stainless steel cables
Balustrade Type 2 :: C Design – Galvanised Steel round vertical baluster spindles
Handrail Type :: Grey textured PVC
Installation DVD :: online
Warranty Period :: Two Years
Accessories :: Anti-Slip Adhesive Strips | Upper Floor Balustrading


important-button-icon-thN.B. The Standard Staircase Package will fit a finished floor to floor height of 2520mm to 2640mm (to UK Building Regulations). Lower or higher floor to floor heights than this may require a different number of treads/risers. The Mobirolo Urban Outside Staircase has a wide number of options and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation for your project. If you need more information, give us a call and we’d be happy to help.


The delivery takes approx 5-6 weeks (and delivery to UK mainland is included in your price quotation).

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure that any Local Authority approvals necessary have been obtained. This will vary according to your application and we advise you to always check before going ahead with a purchase.

Steel Colours
Galvanised Steel
Nuts and bolts are in stainless steel
Civik Zink Galvanised Steel Spiral Staircase Kit


Click here to download the Mobirolo Urban Exterior Staircase Datasheet


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