Genius RA Modular Staircase Range

The Genius RA Modular Staircase range from Fontanot is a Made to Measure staircase with all the advantages of a kit stair – designed for easy installation, but with the full flair of the Fontanot Design Team.

There are three timber options for the treads and handrail – Beech, Oak and Ash and there are 36 different combinations for the timber finishes.

The steelwork options on the Genius RA modular staircases offer 5 powder coated colours including chrome.

You’ll find full details of each of these modular staircase models on their individual product pages.  If you’d like to discuss a Genius RA Modular Staircase for your project, please feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

[For details of the matching modular staircase range, the Genius T spiral stairs, please see their individual product pages.]


Genius RA Modular Staircase Range

The Genius RA Made to Order Modular or Linear staircase is designed for your project from the standard information which you provide to us. We then produce a plan drawing for you to approve and the staircase will be made from this drawing. The components are delivered to you with clear instructions to ensure that you can install it easily. Due to the design of the Genius range, there is still some adjustability in the staircase to allow for minor site tolerances. The Genius RA Modular Staircase is available in a straight format, or with 1 or 2 quarter turns to suit your project.

Manufacturer       :: Fontanot, Italy
Model Name :: Genius RA Modular Staircase
Format :: Linear : Straight or with 1 or 2 quarter turns (L shaped or U shaped)
Staircase Widths    :: 670mm, 740mm, 810mm, 880mm, 950mm
Number of Treads :: To suit project
Number of Risers :: To suit project
Tread Type :: Solid Beech, Oak or Ash 42mm thick with 36 treatment option combinations
Balustrade Types :: RA010, RA020, RA030, RA030A, RA040, RA050, RA050A, RA070
Handrail Type :: Solid timber  50mm diameter to match treads, segmented with opaque technopolymer connectors
Structural Spine :: Powder Coated Steel: White | Chrome | Iron Grey | Grey | Coppery Black
Spine Spacer Adjustments :: Opaque Technopolymer Spacer Shims used to adjust tread height
Installation DVD :: Online
Warranty Period :: Two Years. Complies with the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.
Accessories :: Stairwell Balustrade | Riserbars |  Balustrade Protection Panel

The delivery takes 4-5 weeks on confirmation of order, acceptance of staircase design diagram and payment in full (your quotation will include delivery to UK mainland).

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure that any Local Authority approvals necessary have been obtained. This will vary according to your application and we advise you to always check before going ahead with a purchase.

Genius RA Standard Staircase Range Specification:

  • Eight different staircase balustrade designs [010, 020, 030, 030A, 040, 050, 050A, 070]
  • Choice of three timbers – Solid Beech, Oak and Ash
  • With 5 stain options – Natural, Blonde Walnut, Light Walnut, Dark Walnut, Dove Grey
  • Plus Bleached treatment option for treads
  • Plus Brushed Textured Option for Ash or Oak (can be used in combination with tints or bleach)
  • Five standard powder coated steel colours for the structural spine – White RAL9010, Chrome, Iron Grey, Grey RAL9006, Coppery Black, Satin Nickel Plated
  • Some models feature balustrading with polished AISI 304 Stainless Steel, Anodised Aluminium or Satin Nickel Plated Steel
  • Five Staircase widths to choose from
  • All made to order for your project and delivered within approx 4-5 weeks ready for simple installation – with clear instruction guide.

Staircase Widths for Genius RA Modular Staircase:
670mm (26.5″)
740mm diameter (29.25″)
810mm diameter (31.75″)
880mm diameter (34.5″)
950mm diameter (37.3″)

N.B.Please check that the opening in the ceiling is large enough to take the staircase design; ideally it should be larger than the staircase with and going to allow safe use of the handrail. If the Genius RA is installed against a wall, it’s ideal to leave a shadow gap of approx 20mm. We will be happy to provide design drawings for your project.

Full Model Details:

T010  ::  27mm diameter round powder coated steel baluster posts supporting 5 rows of stainless steel cables

T020  ::  20mm x 20mm square profile powder coated steel baluster spindles

T030  ::  20mm diameter round powder coated steel baluster spindles

T030A  ::  27mm diameter round powder coated steel baluster spindles

T040  ::  27mm diameter grooved anodised aluminium baluster posts supporting 5 rows of stainless steel cables

T050  ::  27mm diameter polished stainless steel AISI 304 baluster posts supporting 7 rows of polished stainless steel AISI 304 rods. Structural spine also available in satin nickel plated finish

T050A  ::  27mm diameter satin nickel plated steel baluster posts supporting 7 rows of stainless steel AISI 304 rods. Structural spine also available in satin nickel plated steel finish

T070  ::  Tapering solid timber baluster spindles to match tread timber.

Timber Treatment:
To finish the wooden parts, Fontanot uses a unique painting process using water-based UV products that are at the leading edge of paint technology in terms of performance and consideration for the environment and health. The result is an ecological, non-toxic material, natural to the touch and with a quality finish resistant to abrasion and the scars of time.

Steel Components:
Painted steel, polished AISI 304 stainless steel or satin nickel-plated steel are used for the structural parts of the Genius range, depending on the staircase model. The painted steel is available in seven standard options and eleven different special finishes and undergoes a particular epoxy powder coating process with drying at high temperatures. This treatment guarantees a superior performance in colour uniformity and resistance to abrasion.


We recommend the use of a damp cloth for the timber elements and polish off with a dry cloth. We advise against the use of products which contain siliconic oils for use in the furniture industry (like dust eating products) because they create a patina on the treads that would make them slippery).

The Genius RA staircases are designed and produced in Italy where the building regulations are different from the UK. We would be happy to advise you on UK Building Regulations and how they might affect your choices. We always strongly advise that you also discuss your project with your local Building Control Department before committing to purchase. You will find information on the Building Control Regulations on our Knowledge Centre here