How Do You Measure Up?

Tape Measure Image

Our Imperial system of measurement – feet and inches, pounds and ounces, was officially used in the UK from 1824 and it stayed in the British psyche right through to 1965 when the Metric system was adopted. Even now, however, many people of the older generation still think automatically in feet and inches when they calculate or try to picture sizes or distances. To be honest, we still have a mishmash of measuring systems swirling around; you’ll frequently hear a conversation which includes dimensions in metres and inches – all in one breath! And we’re not just talking about the mature section of the community here!

The dimensions on our website are shown as Metric but we do try to include Imperial equivalents in the additional information sectsions. However, if you are in the process of measuring for your project to see how best to fit one of our staircases in, don’t worry too much about trying to do any complex calculations from Imperial to Metric. Just use this handy Converter Tool, courtesy of
Imperial to Metric Converter